Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death and life

'And death and life. Right next door to each other.'

This quote from my favorite movie Elizabethtown popped into my head when I heard the following news:

* Alyson Hannigan and hubby Alexis Denisof became proud parents of daughter Satyana on March 24th, which also happened to be Aly's 35th birthday. As all Whedon fans know, Aly and Alexis met on the set of Buffy and married in 2003. Congrats to both! [source]

* And in much sadder news, Andy Hallett (aka Lorne on Angel) passed away on March 29th. He died of heart failure at the young age of 33. Very sad news. I always liked him on Angel, even when I wasn't too fond of the show itself. Rest in peace, Andy! [source]

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